What to do, what to do?

What to do? I knew this would happen because I have become such an off the cuff writer. I have no idea what to post about. I tried to think all day yesterday what my posts would be about, but I never could come up with an idea. Which I figured would happen because of my writing habits.  By scheduling these posts in advance and writing everyday, I hope to change my habits.

I want writing to become a daily habit. While at times it can be a lot of work and wholly frustrating when I’m trying to edit a piece, it is something I want to take seriously and something I do enjoy doing when you add everything up. And that’s why I want to make this a habit.

Knowing that the posts are scheduled in advance, has made writing everyday a little easier. I’m not sitting at the computer, trying to edit, thinking that I need to write a blog post. They’re already done and scheduled and I can focus on writing. I read an old post on Julie Anne Lindsey’s blog about writing everyday and scheduling that time and how it has precluded writers block. And as a pantser, I have to grudgingly admit in the last week, that has been true.

Over the last seven days, I’ve written over a hundred words a day. I averaged 325 words a day, not including the three blog posts I wrote and scheduled in advance. And the edits that have been made on my first manuscript have been better than any of the previous attempts I’ve made on this draft. I am almost afraid to admit how many drafts this particular story has been through, but I am determined to get these manuscript out into the world whether that be through traditional methods or a self-published ebook.

So I will continue to plug away and schedule these posts and write every day. I have to get these habits down now because if I do become a successful (please, please, please) author, having these habits in place will help if my schedule becomes even more hectic. Not to mention I don’t want to completely fall of the grid simply because I took a vacation 😉

Have you incorporated any new writing habits? If not, do your current habits work?



4 thoughts on “What to do, what to do?

  1. Good job on hanging in there and persevering. Have you considered doing the A to Z bloghop? You have to blog every day in April except on the Sundays, following the letters of the alphabet. I did it last year and learned so much. And it was fun. Met lots of of new blogging friends, too. I was even in Ireland for 10 days last April.

    1. That’s right! I forgot you went there last year (still jealous btw, lol). I’ll look more into it. It would definitely tax my brain to come up with something for each letter of the alphabet. I’m still in that mode of thinking I shouldn’t bother people with so many posts, but then if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t have signed up in the first place, right? Oh yeah, enjoy Hawaii for me while you’re there.

  2. Sticking to a daily writing schedule is easier during the work week. Everyone is in the go to work/school routine and it is just a matter of locking in that writing time. At least for me. I take youngest to school and then have this wonderful block of almost 2 and 1/2 hours where no one is here. It’s not my most creative writing time but it is the best chunk of time I have so I’m trying really hard to guard it, turn everything else off, and write/edit.

    Weekends are a different beast. Everyone is home. There is no rhyme or reason to what is done when and working on my WiP is almost always impossible. However, other writing, like blog posts, goes much better. Go figure. So I try to spend a couple hours each weekend writing up as many posts as I can. They may not get finished in that sitting or they may get finished and scheduled. I have “blog calendar” where I note which posts have been drafted vs. finished and scheduled so I can see at a glance where I have holes.

    But you know what, it all changes. Over the summer some other routine will take this one’s place. When school starts again in the fall, yet another routine will have to be developed. Stay flexible Melanie 🙂 Good luck.

    1. Sounds like you’ve got it pretty well worked out what works best for you. Like any habit it will take time, and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself when I don’t accomplish exactlywhat I intended. I still wrote 100 words last night even though I never fired up the computer. Amazing how long it takes to write something longhand! But I wrote. Fighting the cats the entire time who thought my scribbling pen was a new play/chew toy! Ah, the adventures of writing! 😀

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