Football Friday

Ah, the first Friday of the year. A short work week for the majority of us office type peoples. I’m doing good so far, two posts scheduled to take care of the week. As I sit here watching football, I think Sunday might be a good day to write my posts. The season only lasts another month and after that will be at least six months of nothing until preseason starts.

Since we’re talking about football (okay, maybe it’s just me) Here’s a quick synopsis of the book I’m editing. The story is set in Northern California. Emma goes home to attend the funeral of her parents and to take care of their affairs before going back to her life in San Diego. Her former fiance, Kyle, and her best friend from college, Jack, both decide they want another shot at a relationship with her. Kyle is a carpenter/builder very much connected to his roots with plans to live and die in his home town. Jack is a professional football player currently under contract with the 49’ers.

This is the case of another one of my stories where a secondary character completely took over and decided he wanted to be the main focus. Which ended up working out better and will allow a follow up book if this first one is ever published. In the first version, Jack stayed in the background and Kyle ended up getting the girl. This version? Totally different circumstances.

I’m looking for your take on things. I submitted this to a contest early last year. A judge commented that I needed to completely change the career of the hero and make him something other than a football player. They said novels with football players don’t sell. My reaction was huh? Stories about Nascar drivers sell, but not football players? Not that there’s anything wrong with Nascar, but I just didn’t get why a football story wouldn’t sell. Maybe I’m totally wrong and they’re right. But the comment made me more determined to get this thing out there. I wouldn’t mind reading more stories about football players.

I feel I’ve been able to make it believable and the story between the two characters is good. I talked to a co-worker who played football in high school. He gave me insights into how the coaches team build and what the mentality of a football player is. It helped me make Jack a little more believable. I was also fortunate enough to get a basic schedule of players’ routines from a current NFL player. His insights helped me so much in writing this story. Another reason I want to get it out there. Appreciation for the time he took out of his crazy schedule to get this information to me.

Do you think a story about a football player would sell? Would his career be something that would keep you from buying a romance book? I mean, it’s about their romance, not a blow by blow of training days and workouts.

Let me know what you think.



6 thoughts on “Football Friday

    1. Oh lord, how you digress! Now, that might apply if I were writing an erotic romance, but alas I am not. Between you and the hubby, I’ve REALLY got to start watching for hidden connotations in my posts! lol

  1. Well, I have no idea why stories with football players don’t sell. Unless, as you mentioned, they’re thinking it’s actually about “football” rather than someone who happens to be a football player. There’s a huge difference there.

    Besides, having read this book, you know I love Jack, and I’m glad he got the girl. ❤

    1. Jack is a doll. I think you’ll like the suggestions my beta reader made and the changes that have resulted from her comments. It was perfect timing, like now was the time I’m meant to back to Jack, Emma and Kyle. Hadn’t anticipated working on it, but guess there’s a reason. I’ll be watching my team this weekend, hoping for a win (mainly just that they don’t completely embarrass themselves). GO BRONCOS!! lol

  2. Stick to your guns! It sounds like you’ve done your research and I think it makes a nice contrast to your other hero. Of course I’m a menage junkie so I’m really hoping she ends up with both 😉

    1. LOL. Those two men are such polar opposites, tension rolls off them when they’re in the same room. Plus, I just couldn’t write it that way 😉 Didn’t quite feel right. The edits are going better than I anticipated, so I’m getting really excited about the book again.

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