Adjustments continue…

I’ve been using my (somewhat) free time to read and comment on more blogs. Plus, the last week has been spent acclimating the new kitten into the household.

The first two days were a little rough. The new kitten carried all the smells of its litter mates and the other cats in its former home. It was literally a hiss fest at my house.

But after two baths and sequestering the little one when he started frustrating the older cat, they’ve slowly become friends. As I type this, all I hear is the jingling of collar tags and the sound of eight padded feet thumping up and down the hall. At least there’s no hissing – for the moment.

Here are a few pics from the last week. Will get back to writing posts next week. PROMISE! 🙂


Melanie, Murphy and Charlie.


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