NaNo Conclusion & Reflection

Ah, here were are, already the third day of December. I had planned to post my reflections regarding this years NaNoWriMo sooner than this. But work and a cold front bearing those lovely winter allergens knocked my down for a few days. Which ended up being a good thing because I’ve had time to think about how this years endeavor has affected me.

First, it was a much different experience than last year. Patti, my dear writing angel, added me to the Facebook group for the Houston NaNo group. Everyone on there was so supportive and it was comforting to hear others were running into the same road blocks I was.  There were a few first year participants and it was nice to be able to offer my support and advice to them having been in their shoes last year.

Second, I still struggle with finding the balance between my writing and the rest of my life. It has become such a passion that I started blocking out everything else in life. Sure I would take care of the immediate concerns, but not the way they should be. My husband is my supporter – he lets me write just about whenever I want to but he also reminds me to be a part of the real world from time to time. Thanks for that babe, though I resisted at the time.

Third, while writing may be a solitary endeavor for the most part, with the advent and use of social media, the writing community is there for each other. I’ve been talking to writers in Utah, Nevada, Ohio, California, Florida and even England! Oh and a displaced Aussie. They have been very helpful and encouraging and amazing.

And last but not least, never stop writing. No matter how crappy (sorry for the term) the words are that spew forth onto the screen or paper or whatever it is you use to write; never stop writing. Gems await in those words. I have found that what they say is indeed correct; true writing happens in the edits. *Sigh. Not what I want to hear, but it’s what happens. The formation of the idea and the story are there waiting to be refined.

So I offer my congratulations to all of the 2011 NaNoWriMo winners and also to those who participated and really put in the effort, though they may not have made it to 50,000 words. It takes real commitment and support from family to accomplish it. And discipline. Which is what I need to work on. For my new goal until next November rolls around. I will go no more than two days without writing. (It’s tough to do every day since I sit at a computer all day at work). On days I don’t write, I may work on outlining or ideas on paper so at least the brain is still engaged in the writing process. And there’s always the blog.


2011 NaNoWriMo Winner

7 thoughts on “NaNo Conclusion & Reflection

  1. Raelyn – I bet it’s difficult with wee beasties at home. Glad you were able to get the purple bar. I have to say, I’m totally addicted to NaNo. Helps me get past the procrastination of sitting and writing a novel and gives me something to edit until next November. 🙂

    Eliabeth – Funny you should mention the typewriter. I downloaded Q10, a program that blanks out the rest of the screen, sounds like a typewriter and refuses to highlight mistakes. I found it gave me freedom in my writing I hadn’t experienced before. When I cut and pasted it back into my word doc, then I fixed the problems. Thanks for stopping by! Love your website.


      1. I didn’t realize how much they slowed me down until I tried that program. It turned to be a good tool when I got stuck on something. I would change the font color and just write instead if being tempted to research something or some other form of procrastination.

  2. I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience. Had I competed, I might need to take a few days off, but alas, writing without the ability to scrutinize my grammar does not work with me. I would probably burst out in hives. I don’t know how people wrote on typewriters; it has taken the love of a community to help my coauthor and I finish our novel. Yay social media!


  3. Congrats on the win!

    If nothing else, this year confirmed my “this isn’t for me” attitude. I have a life this doesn’t like to be put on hold for a month, LOL. And I put in on hold to get to the end of NaNo, but I have that pretty purple bar 🙂

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