Renaissance 2011

As our Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, I hope everyone got to spend time with loved ones or accomplish something they’ve been meaning to. I’ve had a very long, productive and busy weekend. Sunday has definitely been a day of rest for me.

Here is the Renaissance post I have been promising.  I did not finish my costume. Pattern issues and NaNo put the kibosh on it. But, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The amount of rain pouring down at the festival precluded any dressing up. We dress at the car first of all, and second, the costume I would have worn may have bled in the rain and ruined other portions of my costume.  *Sigh. Maybe next year. The only thing I was really bummed about was the fact I was going to have my mother-in-law take our pictures there at the festival in costume surrounded by the Christmas decorations and use it as our Christmas picture this year.  We’ll have to do something else.

But considering the amount of rain, there were quite a few people out and about and most of the shows were still going. There wasn’t any jousting, so we didn’t get to see the Knights of Mayhem like we’d hoped. Surprisingly, we had a lot of fun and the players were almost more engaging – guess they appreciated those of us who braved the elements to come see them.  As several people said “Enjoy the beautiful Scottish weather!”

Here are some pics from the day for your enjoyment. I couldn’t get the videos to upload for some reason. Also, check out these websites. If you’re in the area or are near a festival where these acts/shops might be, go check them out.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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