NaNo Check in

Hope you are all having (or had) a great weekend.

I’ve been quiet just about everywhere but Twitter. I’ve been taking advantage of the @NaNoWordSprints to get past those points when I either don’t know where the story is going next or I just don’t feel like writing. Thanks to all the Municipal Liaisons who are making these sprints fun, challenging and worth every minute. I sprinted with a writer I met through the campaign challenge @RaelynBarclay and one of her tweet peeps @joelysue. They kept me motivated that night when the second week slump hit me bad.  Thanks ladies for the push! It was fun.

Here is my update. Yesterday was Day 12 with a goal word count of 20,000. I decided do something crazy and accept NaNo founder Chris Baty’s challenge of writing 5,000 words in a day this weekend. Somehow, I managed it yesterday and ended with 27,117 for a total of 5,929 words yesterday. I finally hit a patch where everything flowed. Which is nice considering the original idea was hijacked and I’ve been racing to figure out what the heck happens now. Some of the research I’d done finally came in handy and really amped up the word count.

I’m starting to hear grumblings from fellow WriMos about prepping for Thanksgiving. On that score, I’m ahead. I don’t have to host, but I’m expected to bring two things and I have all of the ingredients for them, so I’m good to go.

Now all I have to do is pull myself away from the keyboard long enough to finish sewing my costume. Which I need to wear in less than two weeks!

Oh No!

Just wanted to update you all on the NaNo happenings. I’ll try to post again soon with pics of the finished costume.

Have a great week everyone.  For all you WriMos, the start of Week 3.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!




3 thoughts on “NaNo Check in

  1. You promise? I’ve finally hit one of those slumps … right after I passed 30,000.

    Noooooo! It’s not even that the story’s not going in the right direction but that I don’t like how it’s getting there. If that even makes sense.

    Sounds like you’re really flying. That’s awesome.

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