I’m still alive…barely

Howdy faithful readers.  I know I have been somewhat quiet on the posting front. I have been furiously combing over the pages I sent out Monday to an agent and yesterday started NaNoWriMo. Yes, it’s that time of year again.

I see that quite a few of my fellow writers are participating. I wish good luck to everyone who is participating.  Even if you don’t reach the 50,000 goal, you’ve embarked on an interesting, tumultuous and potentially life altering journey. It’s almost like crack for writers.  We prepare, we plot, we plan, we stress (I’ve even seen hair fall out!) and we caffeinate. I know that’s not a word, but it should be by God.  🙂

I will update the word count on Bradley’s Letter for all to see.  The meter is on the left side bar. That’s my NaNo project this year. The posts may be sparse this month, but I will try to put snippets and updated word counts on Facebook and Twitter.  If you don’t already follow, go do it!!!  hehe.  Yes, the caffeine is starting to kick in, hallelujah.

To all out there, happy hump day and I promise not to be too much of a stranger!


This always gets me going in the morning. I saw them in concert after this album.  It was so great to see all five original band members together. Contrary to what Mr. John Taylor believes about himself, he can sing.

Here’s one for all those embarking on NaNo.  “When you move into the light, you’re the greatest thing alive.”  Let your writing shine!! Remember, All you need is now.

Also, happy belated 53rd birthday to Mr. Simon LeBon.  What do you think, beard or no beard?


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