Pre-Conference Jitters…

And how to dispel them. Somewhat.

I am about to attend my first EVER writers conference. I have never met any of the writers in person, though I’ve talked to a few online. By no means would people consider me shy, but I also don’t walk into a room and instantly exude confidence and shine like a beacon.  I work my way in and once I’m comfortable, start talking to people. So why am I so nervous? Because I will also be pitching my book to two agents – for the first time. In person. They can see me sweat, they’ll hear me verbally stumble. I can’t hit the delete key and retype my words!!! Now you see why the nerves are a jumble.

Here’s my day so far.  Woken up at 3:30 by a thunderstorm then couldn’t get back to sleep because the cat freaked out.  I still had a few things to get ready for the conference, so basically I thought what the hell and stayed up. Did the conference “homework”, light housecleaning, worked an 8-hour day and I still feel like I’ve got a few good hours left in me.  But I can’t settle. I’ve gone shopping because I forgot to get pantyhose if I decide to wear a skirt. I came home and flung clothes out of the closet like a crazy person trying to figure out just what to wear.  Thank goodness my sister-in-law called and asked to meet for dinner with her niece and her daughter, my niece.

This is what happens when silly people shop in the Halloween department after dark…

Chicken in the store.

I feel better  than I did a few hours ago. I’m sure I’ll be nervous on the way there. But I have a feeling once I’m through those doors, I’ll be fine.

I’ll be sure to post my adventures from the conference after I return.

How do you prepare for a conference/pitch session?



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