Doubt, family and editing

There are some days when I read a really good book and get so sucked into the story. I can’t put it down and the characters seem so real. On those days, I doubt. I doubt my writing will ever reach that level. I doubt others will ever want to read my work. I doubt.

Then there are days when I get after it-the muse is there with me as I edit or write. Days like that, I’m flying! Everything is right with the world.

And then there are days like today where I decide not to do any writing. Do I feel guilty? A little. But after the last few weeks at work, I need the chance to recharge. I worked on a craft project, and am getting ready to leave for a picnic. Here I come arts, crafts and BBQ plate! 🙂

Everyone have a great rest of the weekend!




10 thoughts on “Doubt, family and editing

  1. As long as you keep trying and have some really good days, that is all that counts. Just think of the rest of us who can’t even come close to your creativeness and stick-to-it-ivness. (Guess I can make up my own words though, lol).
    I will think of you slaving away while I am basking in the sun and swimming in the Pacific. See you in a month.

  2. I think you’re allowed at least one day off a week. It’s great to just go off and do something different for a change. Usually, for me, weekends are family time, and I fit my writing in during the week.

  3. I’m so with you on this! I’m usually not online at all on Sundays aside from a chat with BFF. Gardening, some cross-stitch, and a BBQ later are all on tap for today 🙂 The writing will wait until tomorrow. Enjoy your day.

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