Dress update & guest blog spot

Happy Saturday evening blog readers!

First, I have exciting news. A fellow blogger/writer I met through RWA invited readers to submit a guest blog and she would post them on her blog. I decided to take her up on the invitation. So my post will be included on the Fictzophrenic blog tomorrow. Check it out here: http://rsemeline.blogspot.com/  Thanks again, R.S., for the invite. It was a lot of fun! The post should be up after 8am PT Sunday morning.

On to the rest of the story.  Sorry, channeled Paul Harvey there for a minute.

I am exhausted. Had to drink a Gatorade to feel human. Murphy woke me up at 5:45 this morning and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Then a trip to town on errands for me and one for my mother-in-law. Had a nice phone call with my mother-in-law this morning. I came home, put everything away and decided to start working on my Renaissance dress. I have to admit, I’ve done pretty much nothing since I bought the material.  I’m running out of time considering the hubby now wants me to make him a new pair of pants also. Here’s progress at  various stages.

Took me about 9  1/2 hours to cut out all of the pieces. Now comes the piecing together, the finishing work and then the wearing! Can only imagine how long that will take. The piecing together that is. 🙂   But it will be worth the work. The part I’ve been putting off is finally finished. The rest will be easier. I’m also thinking about making a pair of knickers. We’ll see how those turn out. Won’t really be using a pattern for those.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some editing done on the manuscript. So much to do and it feels like I have so little time.  Tempted to hire a cleaning lady, but she’d only have to come once a month. Not a lot of space to clean.  *sigh*  I’ll update my loyal, few reader on the manuscript once I get a little further on the edits. Want to have it ready by the conference in case an agent is interested in it. It will be ready to send when I get back home.

Happy reading, don’t forget to check out R.S. Emeline’s blog  and I’ll post updates on the dress when I have them.



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