A few changes

Did you notice the new look? Found a new theme that looked interesting and decided to try it out.  Only bad thing is it didn’t carry over all of the widgets I had in the other theme.  I think I have them all added back, but if you loyal (few) readers notice something missing, let me know! Also, let me know what you think. I did add a few more links, so if you have time, go check them out. Two women who I had the fortune to meet through RWA and have been helpful and encouraging. Thanks J.D. and R.S.

Other than the new theme, I have to mention the fact I’m excited there’s football this season. The lack of apparent agreement between players and coaches had me worried. How does this tie into writing, you ask? Growing up, there was always a game on in the background. Sometimes I would sit on the couch and watch with my dad, others I would simply have the game on in the background. I may not know specific plays or remember what position a player is, I love football.

As an adult, it is still comforting. Now if my team is playing, then I can’t guarantee I’ll hear anything anyone says. But for the two, three games that are standard fare on a Sunday in the fall, I am a productive person. I can get more done on Sunday with the crack of helmets, screeching whistle and bad commentator jokes than any other day of the week. The exception to this would be the two years my team made it to the Super Bowl and won. My friends, for the most part, knew I wouldn’t answer the phone during the game. I’m surprised I survived those four hours with any finger nails left.

So, on this first day of preseason, I am again feeling very productive. I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished while listening to the game on the internet. I wish the game had been televised, but I’ll take what I can get. Here’s to the next 20 or so Sundays being very productive.

Go Broncos!



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