Random Fun Stuff

Hello everyone!

Thought I would post some random fun stuff. I’m still riding the high of finishing the first completed draft of Renaissance Wench.  I did a bit of editing last night. I plan to slowly plug away at it, even if I don’t get more than a page done a day, I need to get it done because there are two more partially complete novels calling my name.

On to the randomness!

At work, we are going through an accounting software conversion. Do I work in accounting? Nope. I’m just a little secretary (or administrative assistant according to my email signature). Anyhoo… I am helping with the conversion because I help the bookkeeper when she needs it. Our consultant said she is going on vacation. To Scotland. Color me pea green with envy (Sorry, channeled Scarlett O’Hara there for a moment). My husband and I talked about traveling to Great Britain next summer until we remembered the Olympics would take place at the same time. So scrap that plan…for now. I start asking the consultant where she’s going and I recognize quite a few of the names. She asks me when I’ve been to Scotland, I say never. My knowledge is thanks in part to planning a vacation and an addiction to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Turns out the consultant is a fan too and we totally go off on a tangent. So today, I go check out what’s new in Claire and Jamie’s universe. Come to find out, there’s a 20th anniversary edition out of Outlander, the first book. (My copy will be here Thursday! 🙂   http://www.dianagabaldon.com/ You can find the info on her website.

So then I go off on another tangent and check some other author blogs that I’ve neglected in my frantic need to finish my novel.  Here’s what I find.  http://blog.nathanbransford.com/ Keep writing. Succinct advice in a world sometimes flooded with superfluous ramblings.

On Bransford’s site, he has a link to a Harry Potter trailer that is just too funny and I find myself wondering about the status of J.K. Rowling’s new site Pottermore.  Still in progress, but I’m curious to see what all she’s included in the site. http://www.pottermore.com/

So then my internet roaming leads me to the following site. http://www.scotland.org/us/ I’ll probably be dreaming of Scotland for the next few weeks. Which may turn into a good thing because bagpipe music puts me in the mood for Renaissance and maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually start working on that costume I’m supposed to be making.

If I ever get to Scotland…

Wonder if I’ll see any of these?                                                                    Or someone like this?

I know not all men in Scotland wear kilts, but in my dreams they do! 😀

Just for fun, try the bagpipe quiz. The only questions I got wrong were the ones that had songs I’d never heard of before. I really miss seeing the Highland Games at our festival.

Hope you enjoy this short stint through the wanderings of my mind. Hope you didn’t trip on a peat bog or a crumpled scrap of left over manuscript.



4 thoughts on “Random Fun Stuff

  1. Got my copy of the book in. Beautiful. Can’t wait to get home and play the CD. According to Gabaldon’s website, someone wanted to make an Outlander musical and she said okay. Four of the songs come with the book. Even though I’ve already read it four times, it appears I’m due for another visit to 1740’s Scotland.

  2. You have two partial mss sitting around, too? I’m dying to move on, but I’m compulsive that I need to get ACoP finished enough to hand off to an editor friend.

    I recognize places in Scotland, too, from books, but mine go back to Rosamund Pilcher. One of my favorite books is “The Shell Seekers”. Amazing story and so well done. I want to visit Scotland, too.

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