BBQ’s and Books

The pit is smoking, meat and veggies cooking nicely. It’s hot as Hades in South Texas at the moment, but there’s a breeze and I’ve managed to find a patch of shade. It’s a relax day for me. The last few weeks at work have been hectic and I’ve slacked off on my WIP. But I’ve decided to take the day at whatever pace it presents itself to me. And it’s been a good day.

I cooked a good breakfast with fruit on the side and now I’m grilling steaks and sliced zucchini and potatoes are cooking in the oven. (tiny pit, can’t fit it all). Hubby ran to Sonic to get us some icy drinks. All in all, it’s been a good day.

My point is, I needed this. Me stressing over work and stressing over not writing and stressing about whatever has drained my creative energies. Sometimes we need to walk away from it all and just be. Turn off the phone, step away from the computer and leave the MP3 player on the table. Just go outside and remember what it’s like to be connected to yourself.

I’ve noticed people who have all those notifications activated on their phone are slowly losing the ability to sustain and remember a conversation. I know it frustrates others sometimes when I don’t answer immediately, but there are times I need to walk away; get away from anything electronic.

I know there are people scoffing as they read this thinking ‘she had to use a computer to post this’. And they would be right. But I’m posting because I want to and inspiration hit while I sat outside relaxing.

One thing I’ve learned as a writer and artistic type in general; when inspiration comes, be ready to go with it. Now if you’ll excuse me, inspiration is calling me to check on my steaks.

Happy grilling and have a great weekend.



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