An unexpected compliment and a reader challenge

Over a week ago, I accepted a challenge from a fellow member of my writer’s group. Visit another writer’s blog and write a flash fiction story for one of the four categories listed on the website. If you thought the story was good, enter it in the contest. I decided to go ahead and enter two flash fictions stories I ended up writing.  One prompt I used was an alphabet story – meaning each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet, only 26 lines in the story.  This one started with the letter R. The other prompt was you’re standing in a library researching your next book and an old newspaper clipping falls from one of the books. Results are still pending, but I’ll let you know if I managed to place.

Anyway, I tend to run some story ideas by my co-worker Bethany. She has an excellent eye and catches small details I miss in the first draft. Well, I sent her my story. For the brief synopsis, it’s about a woman who has traveled to her grandmother’s home town to research her grandmother’s hunch regarding the ill-begotten fate of the town’s founder. She is met with suspicious occurrences when she’d locked out of her bed and breakfast room, the research materials she asks for are missing or conveniently in another department.  I won’t give away the ending because I plan to post it here soon.

So, about a week later Bethany is out of the office doing research at one of the county court houses. She calls the office and practically the first thing she says is that my story is making her paranoid. Every document she looked for was missing. She and some of the other clerks were having difficulty finding the volumes she needed.  After much searching, she finally found someone who knew where the documents were.  I couldn’t help but laugh. I asked if she was worried about someone coming after her and she said she made sure she was in her vehicle with the doors locked before she called me.

It was only a short story, but by Bethany’s reaction, I figure it was a decent one. For her to have that reaction a week after reading it gives me a thrill. I don’t have anything published yet so these small bits of reaction, wherever they come, from keep me going.

I’ll post both stories once the results are posted.

In the mean time, I’m willing to accept a challenge from my readers. Give me a subject and I’ll write a 500 word flash fiction story for you. Leave your suggestions in the comments below this post.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!



5 thoughts on “An unexpected compliment and a reader challenge

  1. I’ll take your challenge! This one will engage both your Romantic and Fantasy geek. A mystical creature (your choice) has fallen in love with a human. It is either an unrequited or forbidden love. One of the two involved must break the news to the other party. Oh! and it must be in third-person omniscient. Ready …… Go!

    1. Oralia peeked through the foliage at the human lounging on a tartan striped blanket below her. Her silky hair changing color to match her hiding spot. Every day when he was through with work, he would unfold his plaid and lie beneath the trees. She could smell the mixed scents of sweat and peat clinging to his skin. The white of his shirt smudged; the hue dark against the white of his legs. The shirt came almost to his knees, but he’d hiked it up to mid-thigh in order to cool his heated skin. Each day she would linger in the branches hoping to catch site of him. His human form fascinated her, its muscles covered in a light smattering of fine hair the color of fall leaves before the floated to the ground. Each day, she waited. And each day she was not disappointed.
      He would rest or sleep for only a short time before rolling back into his plaid and heading back to his family’s land to finish his work. On more than one occasion she had gone against the rules and followed him to his home unseen. Or so she thought. This time when he stirred awake, he looked straight at her branch and smiled. For a moment, her camouflage deserted her and she was visible to him.

      “I ken ye’ve been there watchin’ me for a while ye silky beast. Ach, ye’re a beauty but you’ll no be luring me to the underworld. Go back to ye’re kind sweet sylph. There be no love for ye here.”

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