Ah, the Mondays (on Thursday no less)

Mondays. Universally reviled. The furthest a person can get from enjoying another weekend without responsibility if you happen to be an 8 to 5 type of person. I am having another week of Mondays. Last night as I sat at the table trying to get up the energy to write after dealing with work and the inevitable personal responsibilites, I realized it would be no use to force myself to stare at the screen knowing nothing would come of it.  Mondays. Yes, I realize it’s Thursday now as I write this but that just the kind of week its been. As I sat trying to figure out how to get some energy, a thought/prayer pops into my head. Lord, I know you only give us what we can handle, but I’ve got so much on my plate you’ll be sending me to hell for Gluttony.

So instead I listened to a conference call about getting your manuscript out of the slush pile. Pretty interesting call. Lisa Mangum had some great insights. (Find the call here – http://authorsadvisory.blogspot.com/). After stewing about the advice for a while I realized that the fact I feel like I’m having a week of Mondays is because I’ve finally found my passion with writing and feel like the world is keeping me from it.  While it’s great to feel that passionate about the craft, I need to look at the rest from a different angle.

Whatever happens in life, it should be taken as a potential source of inspiration. If I look at the so-called obstacles as real obstacles then my writing will suffer, as well as other aspects in life.  If I look at them as an incentive to get work done quickly (and correctly) then I will have more time to pursue my writing. One thing writing has taught me is that you can NEVER stop learning. Whether it be better ways to write or observing a group of people in order to get a better sense of personal dynamics. Or even just better ways to manage time. The learning never stops.

I guess I need to stop looking at this week as a week of Mondays and realize the added stress has pushed me to work harder to complete these projects that have popped up to take time away from my writing.  I guess inspiration can come in many forms. I just have to learn to recognize them and use them to my advantage!

Happy writing and have fun Campers out at Camp NaNoWriMo. Hope your first week has been exciting and productive. Make sure you have the cabins ready for us in August!! I’ve already got a roomie lined up! (Be ready P!)




2 thoughts on “Ah, the Mondays (on Thursday no less)

  1. No kidding! If I wrote half of what happens to me people would REALLY think I’m writing fiction. 🙂 Writing has definitely been good therapy, that’s for sure. I can “Kick” my characters and get my frustrations out without kicking the people in real life.

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