Fabric chosen…

Well folks, I purchased fabric. No going back now. I finally read the instructions to see exactly what notions I needed. 76 eyelets. 76!! I must be crazy. Thank goodness I’ve been into the Hancock Fabrics enough that the people recognize me.  I almost put one of the fabrics back until Allen got his hands on it.  Made me think about using it differently and voila! It all clicked.  Now the fun part.  Cutting all the tissue patterns out and positioning them correctly while keeping a curious four-legged fur ball off of the table.

Here’s the fabric. I have a weak spot for plaid. I found a gorgeous brocade but of course it was remnant. Only 1 yard and I needed four. Sigh. I’m happy with the colors and I was made to promise that I would take the dress up to Hancock and show it off when it was finished.

I have a three day weekend next week and I’m tempted to get started.  Depends on how much editing I get done this week and how far I want to get on Camp NaNo. I know, I’m crazy but once I realized I wanted to do the Camp NaNo challenge, the germ of a story idea planted itself in my head.  So less than a week until the insanity starts.

Have a great weekend everyone and get ready for annoying NaNo updates…I’ll try not to be too annoying.



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