New Renaissance costume – Let the sewing begin!

So, here are my choices for the Renaissance costume I plan to make for this years Festival. I have two costumes that I switch between from year to year.  This year I wanted something different.  The difficult decision now is what type of material to get. Brocade? Satin? Velvet?  I’ll probably end up taking the patterns to the store and holding the picture up to the materials. I need to get started because I might be making two, possibly three of these before Thanksgiving. EEK!  I’ve pretty much chosen the skirt (bottom right). The other dilemma is which top. It will probably be jewel tones (no yellow).   I do have a chemise to wear  underneath if it’s cooler weather, but I’d like to have the style be adjustable for warmer weather also.  Any suggestions? I’m curious to see what you all come up with. (And plaid is always an option! :D)


6 thoughts on “New Renaissance costume – Let the sewing begin!

    1. Only if you come help Joo!! I cant wait to see how it turns out! It’s been about 10 years since I made anything from a pattern. I’m sure there are frustrating moments ahead. 😉

  1. Good choice on the skirt — that would be my favorite, too. 🙂 For the top, I would like either the one in the middle or the bottom left. But maybe that’s because the bottom left reminds of my wedding dress. Can’t wait to see pix!

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