We shoot salesmen on sight

I dislike salesmen with a passion.  I would say hate, but it’s not quite that strong of an emotion.  I quit a decent job as a bank teller because they started making us stay after work, call people at home and attempt to sell them products.  How do you “sell” a bank product? Ask people if they want a credit card or direct deposit for their paycheck.  I did not want to be a sales person.  I hang up on them when they call my house and I didn’t want to be the person on the other end of the phone line.

So now I have a quandary.  I find myself trying to break into a career where self-promoting is not only necessary but heartily encouraged.  The challenge I face is how do I promote my writing without being too annoying to my friends, family and potential readers?  I’ve done some shameless promotion on FaceBook, but I have consciously tried to keep it to a minimum.   I do have the blog posts automatically feed to my FaceBook page, but there each “friend” has the choice of removing those specific posts from their news feed.  So I don’t feel too bad.  I leave it up to them.

I have chosen to do other self-advertising.  I’ve started this blog for one.  I also have put the link to the blog in my writing email signatures.  It is up to the receiver to click if interested.  I’m trying to walk the line between broadening my audience and staying on my inner circle’s good side.  Which can be difficult especially when something exciting happens.  Not only do I risk annoying multitudes of people, I risk annoying them on more than one social website. Sigh.

There will be stops and starts and I’m sure a few people looking at me with that blank stare that says “That’s nice, now go away”.   Hopefully, they will understand my enthusiasm and humor me for a while.  Until then, to borrow a post from fellow writer Bianca McCullough “Happy shameless self-promoting!”



One thought on “We shoot salesmen on sight

  1. Poor Mel. I hated my sales experience as well. Take heart though, you can’t possibly be more annoying then a blog “self-promoter” I recently encountered! Apparently, everyday he goes to various blog sites and posts a link to his blog under the comments section. No comment. Link has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Just a virtual, “I Was Here” sign. Dude, appreciate and then promote! The best part: it only took me accidentally going to his site twice before I realized what was going on. Yeah, not the sharpest …. thing …where they keep sharp stuff ….

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