Rejection.  We all deal with it in some form or another.  But in an industry where 80-95% (depending on who you talk to) of all works are rejected, it can be hard to take.  I have to admit, the first query letter response that came back with a “no thank you”, I was crushed.

Imagine me sitting at my desktop (pre-laptop times), with my manuscript in hand so to speak, waiting for a return email from some far off agent that I just knew would be interested in my story.  I got the first email about three months after I sent out that first query letter.  Talk about pain!  I think I cried a little, though I don’t really remember now.  Then they started rolling in.  Rejection after rejection.  I was almost afraid to open my email.  I don’t doubt I said a few choice words and after the fifteenth rejection I became sort of numb.

But the moral here is I did not let it completely get me down.  I started taking writing workshops, sent the first chapters to contests and really listened to the judges feedback.  Those rejections were actually the thing I needed to start taking my work seriously.  It pushed me to learn more and I eventually talked my husband into letting me go back to school to get a creative writing degree. In other words, those rejections led me to become a better writer.  I knew I could do it, but at the time wasn’t sure how.  Those rejections pushed me to find out more than I knew at the time.  Find out how to writer better, how to handle rejection better.

I still get angry, but I let it out in the privacy of my home.  I rail against the “injustice” of it.  Then I read it again.  And again. And again if necessary.  I use it as fuel to become a better writer.  Remember, rejection and failure are sometimes necessary in order to become BETTER.


Check out Nathan Bransford’s blog about rejection here:


3 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. I’ve decided to take James Dashner (author of the Maze Runner trilogy, etc.) who said he would go out to dinner after every 10 rejections. I plan on eating out a lot. =D

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